Two Seasoned Crucibles $24.00
* Two basic ceramic type crucibles that have been seasoned in an oven and are ready for using. ***This style crucible is designed to fit a small Whip style handle which uses tension to hold the crucible in place. Whip (handle) not included. ***Not available for International shipping.

* Humid weather may cause seasoning to become sticky. Just heat with torch to harden and use as normal.

* The inside, upper lip, and the top rim of the outside have all been coated in flux and baked in an oven for a very even and smooth glazed finish.

* The ceramic crucible measures approximately 2 1/4 in diameter x 1 1/8 in deep.

* Included is two seasoned crucibles ready for using.

*** As with all crucibles, these are still fragile and will chip or break if abused or dropped.

Total Price: $24.00
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