Help-U-Pour $74.00
A new tool design made to help people pour the molten metal into an ingot mold or other item easier than if doing it entirely free hand. Powder coated black hammer tone!

* Picture 6 shows how a crucible and ingot mold would sit. (crucible and ingot mold not included).

* Designed to adjust so that an ingot mold sits on a table and molten metal can be poured easier than if doing it free hand. Some coordination is still needed but tool will make the process easier since crucible is not entirely in the air.

*Fully adjustable to allow the user to change the height so that it will work with various sizes of ingot molds. Designed to adjust by simply loosening and tightening the Allen bolts with either the hand or with an Allen wrench (included).

* Made using 11 gauge steel with two adjustment points, this tool is built to last a lifetime. Measures approximately 3 3/4 inch wide x 6 1/4 inches at the tallest or 4 1/4 inches at the lowest. Table is four inches round, 3/16 inch steel, with 3 - 1 1/2 inch bolts that are rubber tipped for added stability.

* Table is not painted since molten metal may be poured onto surface. A basic steel finish. Some parts may have minimal scratches which is unavoidable.

* Will work with various crucible and handle styles but most common is the whip style as pictured.

* Includes one 3 part Help -U -Pour tool and 4 inch table. (Whip and Crucible can be added as an Accessory)
Total Price: $74.00
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