Help-U-Pour Plus Handle Only $79.00
The 3 part handle section with 7 ounce seasoned crucible which can be added to the Help-U-Pour to create a full pouring system. Back plate (unpainted) is also included.

*Hole in crucible has been professionally drilled larger to make pouring easier.

* Specially designed with two bolts which hold the crucible in position for either a right or left handed pour.

* Comes with a seasoned 7 ounce crucible.

* When assembled with bottom section tool is designed to adjust so that tool can be used in various applications.

* Made using 11 gauge steel. Top handle is about 10 inches long.

* Handle may get hot so it is advised to use gloves that handle some heat.

* Tool design is powder coated hammer tone black. Some parts may have minimal scratches which is unavoidable. Back plate is purposely unpainted.

* Will fit the 7 ounce crucible as pictured. Top crucible section can be adjusted to possibly fit other sizes of crucibles.

* Includes one 3 part Help-U-Pour Plus handle, a back plate, and seasoned 7 ounce crucible.
Total Price: $79.00
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