How To Videos
  • Using a Plastic Flower as a Pattern for Sand Casting

    Using a plastic flower as a pattern for sand casting I show how easy it is to cast in sterling silver.

  • Multi-Use Flask and Delft Clay

    In this video I cast a new pattern with a paw inside of a heart using my new multi-use flask and Delft Clay.

  • Opening up the Mold Holder with the big heart

    Showing the results of the big heart pattern that I molded using the Mold Holder system and a toaster oven.

  • Toaster Oven Mold of a Heart Pattern

    Using a bronze big heart pattern I show how easy it is to vulcanize a rubber mold in the toaster oven.

  • Sand Casting Using Basic Casting Sand

    Using my Acu-Pour, I show how to sand cast using standard casting sand which doesn't require venting yet still provides great detail for castings.

  • New "Multi Use Flask" Video

    A new multi use flask designed to work with most types of sand /clay. The venting process is super easy and can now be done from beginner to advanced.

  • Sand Casting Instructions

    A simple video explaining how to use the Deluxe Kit from attaching the crucible to the handle to preparing the flask with sand and pouring the metal.

  • Preparing the Sand Casting Sand

    A video showing how to prepare the sand to get the clumps out.

  • Disgarding the Burnt Sand

    This video shows a person what to do with the burnt sand after casting.

  • Sand Casting the Large Butterfly Wing

    Using the Acu-Pour system with regular casting sand. I am able to easily cast a large butterfly wing without venting.

  • Sand Casting an Owl Pendant

    Sand casting instructions for casting a small object in sterling silver. Owl pattern and tools all sold here.

  • Two Sand Casting Setups and Pouring the Metal

    Pouring metal with the Acu-Pour and pouring metal with the flask and clamp.

  • Making an Emery Board

    A simple video showing how to make an emery board.

  • Investing 3 Flasks for Lost Wax Casting

    A video showing how investment is mixed.

  • A Technique for Rolling the Edges on Copper Tubing

    Making a recycled copper band and how I heat and roll the edges.

  • The Basics of Using a Wax Injector

    A simple video showing how I use a wax injector.

  • Vacuum Casting 9 oz. of Bronze

    A quick video showing how I use my vacuum caster to cast 9 oz. of bronze.

  • Vacuum Casting - A Top View

    Just a quick video showing how I vacuum cast from a top view looking down.

  • Sizing a Silver Ring Large

    A simple method for sizing a ladies silver ring (no stones) up 1 1/2 sizes.

  • Sand Casting the Paw Pattern

    Even with a few mishaps, the paw cast well!

  • Video number 1: Width and Finger Size

    Making a size 11, approximate 8 - 8 1/2 mm wave style wedding band with a hammer style finish.

  • Video # 2 Making the Wave Pattern in the Wax

    Adding the wave pattern into the size 11, 8 - 8.5 mm wedding band with the hammer style finish.

  • Sanding the Wedding Ring

    A short video showing how easy it is to sand a wedding band following the casting and filing stages. Enjoy!

  • Short Sand Casting Video

    A short sand casting video showing how easy it is to pour the metal with the Accu-pour.

  • Introducing the new 3 Inch Flask

    My new 3 inch sand casting flask for casting larger pieces

  • Filing the Wedding Band

    A video showing the simple steps involved in filing a sand cast band.

  • Video 1: Cutting Out a Paw from Wax

    Just a quick video showing how I saw out the basic shape of a paw.

  • Video 2: Filing the Toes on the Paws

    A simple video showing a few of the tools I use to create the toes on this paw pattern.

  • Double Leaf Pattern Sand Casting

    Using my new double leaf pattern I show how to sand cast it.

  • Sand Casting a New Paw Pattern

    A sand casting video showing how easy it is to cast my new medium paw pattern.

  • Soldering Two Rings Together

    A great set of tweezers for soldering rings together.

  • Building Up a Leaf with Wax

    Using soft wax, I build up the back side of a leaf with the wax.

  • Sand Casting a Leaf Built Up with Wax

    After first building up a leaf with wax I show how it can be sand cast.

  • Heating a Flask and Sand in the Toaster Oven

    This works great and heats up both the sand and flask enough to help dramatically when casting big items. No venting was required!

  • Using My Sand Muller

    Using a cheap Harbor Freight mini cement mixer I alter it into a mini sand muller.

  • Wedding Band Wednesday: Sand Casting a Wave Band

    After carving a wave pattern in hard blue jewelers wax I show how to sand cast it using petrobond sand and adding the sprue.

  • A Simple Way to Dewax a Flask

    Using a hot plate, a metal basket, and water, this video shows a simple and affordable way to eliminate the wax from a flask. This only works with soft type injection waxes.

  • Comparing Petrobond and Delft Clay

    Sand Casting the same pattern I try and show how similar the Petrobond and Delft Clay preform on a flat minimal detailed object.

  • Using a Torch to Smooth the Sides of a wax

    Using my torch to smooth the side of a wax band works better than anything else.